Together Project

Thank You Tendril!


Together Project’s corporate partners help volunteers welcome refugee newcomers to Canada in so many ways.

Today, we want to feature and thank founding donor Tendril, who has been integral to Together Project since day one.

Through their commitment to diversity, inclusion, and civic engagement, they’ve been instrumental in helping us develop our visual storytelling and brand identity.

From our logo to our brand assets to our professional photography, Tendril has helped us find incredible supporters like Frontier, Lisa Kanakko, and Emilie Muszczak to help us along the way!

And of course, a special thanks goes out to Tendril COO, Kate Bate.

As a Together Project Co-Founder, donor, steering committee chair, and current steering committee member, Kate has always been instrumental in showing us the power of storytelling.

Please enjoy this video of a Together Project newcomer family made through Tendril’s generous support!💛 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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