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Meet Nasima: Afghan Community Leader Becomes Our First Match Coordinator


An Interview with Nasima Omari Sayar


  1. How did you first start volunteering with Together Project?

A group of Open Society Alumni was introduced to Together Project, and through this connection I got connected with the team. And later on, I joined as a volunteer. As I am a very qualified and experienced Afghan non-profit program manager and I have transferable skills, I decided to use my knowledge and skill with helping Afghan immigrants in Canada.


  1. What was your experience like as a volunteer? How did you help Afghan newcomers?

I found my time was invested in the right direction, and I learned a lot about Canadian culture and how to interact with the local community in Canada. I helped Afghan newcomers with interpretation, providing relevant information about TTC, how to apply for hydro, registration with food banks and how to use emergency services. I also led the Welcome Group, and through that I was able to help Afghan families to address their settlement needs.


  1. Is there anything  you would like to share about your own immigration journey to Canada? 

Yes, when I came to Canada, I faced huge challenges using the TTC, as it is totally different from my country. I came to Canada in 2021 and it was very hard for me to find someone who can speak my language and guide me in the right direction. I went through all challenges and I decided to help other Afghans so they settle easily.


  1. You have done so much advocacy work in women’s leadership in your community. How has your past experience shaped you today? 

My advocacy experience made me able to be flexible and reachable 24/7. Now I am able to manage my time effectively and efficiently and my leadership skills helped to lead my Welcome Group team in a way that they feel like one family. 


  1. Do you have any tips for volunteers who are matched with Afghan families? 

Afghans went through hard times; they have left their country, well-established life, job, career, reputation, family and loved ones behind. This is not easy and it takes time to recover. Be kind with immigrants and refugees and try to connect with them in a respectful and trustful way. We are human and we all are one family. And we need to be there for each other during hardship and sad times.

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