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Meet Khaled Abdulwahed: “The Syrian Mayor of Toronto”


When Khaled Abdulwahed was nominated to be featured as a #RefugeeCityBuilder, he was described as the “Syrian Mayor of Toronto.”

 A fellow community member explains how he earned his title:

“Khaled Abdulwahed is an inspiring community leader within the GTA. He is dedicated to supporting others and he has demonstrated his selfless commitment to empowering newcomers and refugees both in Canada and abroad.

Forced to leave his home country, Syria, as a teenager, Khaled experienced the harsh realities of displacement first-hand. His struggles as a refugee in Lebanon motivated him to begin working with one of the largest refugee-led NGOs, Molham Team.

He also volunteered with the UNHCR and other international organizations to support refugee-centered development projects. Khaled is dedicated to  empowering marginalized youth and preparing them for a world of opportunities. He continues to volunteer with Molham and he heads the office in Canada.

Now a Canadian citizen, Khaled volunteers his time to improving the lives of others through community engagement, service and informational support. Khaled has led and continues to volunteer on projects initiated by the Syrian Canadian Foundation, including a soccer-related program for refugee youth and the Home Starter Kit. Khaled is well known within the Syrian community and he has strong connections with various organizations and other changemakers. Newcomers often call him for information or advice – which is how he got his nickname as the ‘Syrian Mayor of Toronto.’”

Khaled has also volunteered at Together Project events, where he organized soccer games and other youth activities. He has been featured in the Globe and Mail, CTV News, CBC News, and more.

Lastly, he has been selected to be an ambassador representing Canada in New York City this August at Youth Assembly— one of the biggest events in the world for young changemakers and leaders from around the world.

Heartfelt thanks to Khaled for his invaluable contributions as a #RefugeeCityBuilder!

Would you like to nominate a refugee leader for our Together Project #RefugeeCityBuilders initiative? We’re always seeking leaders in the areas where Together Project works: Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, and Surrey, BC. For the nomination form, click here!

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