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From Aleppo to Mississauga: How one Syrian refugee family’s journey ended with newfound hope and community in Canada


Younes & Feryal speak about the “Canadian smile,” the pandemic, and the arrival of their infant son.

Special thanks to #TDReadyCommitment volunteers & @TD_Canada for providing refugee newcomers with social & integration support via our Welcome Group program.

Since the start of our partnership with TD in 2019, 14 newcomer families have been matched with TD Welcome Groups, comprising 76 individual newcomers and 96 TD employees.

In our most recent November 2020 survey of government-assisted refugee participants, with 9 households responding (including some matched with TD Welcome Groups), we found the following:


  • 100% of households report satisfaction with the match experience
  • 100% of households report feeling less socially isolated
  • 100% of households report feeling that their match has helped them make progress towards their most important integration priorities
  • 89% of households report the formation of stronger social connections
  • 78% of households report feeling more welcome in their communities

Read the Younes and Feryal’s article here!

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