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Newcomers and volunteers working together to build more welcoming communities.

Volunteer Coordinator Ahmed Barbour: The Relay Race of Life

As part of the stateless Palestinian diaspora, Ahmed’s story takes him from the business world of Dubai to his new home in Toronto in pursuit of one goal: continuing his family’s global journey to find better opportunities and to finally gain citizenship.

As our new Volunteer Coordinator, Ahmed will be connecting Welcome Groups with newcomer refugees in order to help them on their own “relay races” as they work towards their dreams.

Click the link for his story!

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Come Volunteer With Us!

We have refugee newcomer families from all around the world who need your help. Come volunteer with us!

Create a Welcome Group of 3-5 volunteers– you can invite your friends and family to get involved with you! Send in our application form, and we’ll help you get connected to a refugee family for the next six months.

Concerned that you won’t be able to communicate with the newcomers in your match? Don’t worry– a volunteer interpreter will assist you.

Every week, you can meet your match either virtually or in person. You’ll help them adjust to their Canadian lives, while pointing them towards local resources that’ll make their transition easier.

And all along the way, you’ll be making new friends!

Volunteers are needed in Surrey, Toronto, and Ottawa. To get involved, click here.

Lastly, the Together Project wishes to thank the United Way for giving us the opportunity to support Afghan resettlement. Thank you, United Way Greater Toronto!

Supporting COVID-19 Vaccine Access for Newcomers

Thank you N4 for inviting Together Project to participate in a panel discussion with Dr. Vanessa Redditt and Dr. Gabriel Fabreau on Supporting COVID-19 Vaccine Access for Newcomers Through Multisectoral Collaboration.

To learn more about the Vaccine Access Project in Toronto and about Dr. Fabreau’s health equity work in Calgary, click here.

New Research Project

Announcing our new IRCC-SDI research partnership with Western University, TD Bank Group, COSTI Immigrant Services, DIVERSEcity & Catholic Centre for Immigrants to learn about the impact of remote versus hybrid social support on newcomer settlement.

Podcast Episode 13: Aya Reflects on One Year in Canada

In this new #StoryOfAMatch episode, Aya, a newcomer in our program, reflects on her first year in Canada, the challenges of being a young newcomer, her education goals and the importance of social connections.

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Volunteer for the Ottawa Welcome Group Program

We are seeking volunteers in Ottawa to be matched with refugee newcomers in our new Welcome Group Program!

If you are interested in supporting newcomer settlement and building welcoming communities, learn more here.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!