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Newcomers and volunteers working together to build more welcoming communities.

Meet Semhar: From Welcome Group Volunteer to Crossroads Refugee Clinic Peer Navigator at Women’s College Hospital

Before Semhar became a Peer Navigator at Women’s College Hospital’s Crossroads Clinic, she volunteered in our Welcome Group Program.

“It’s quite a transformation from being a volunteer and now working side by side with Together Project staff!”

To learn about Semhar’s journey, click here!

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Meet Marwa: Highlights from a Welcome Group Volunteer

For Welcoming Week, we’re featuring Marwa, one of our Welcome Group volunteers! In this video, she talks about one of her highlights as a volunteer: the newcomers introducing her as one of their closest family members at a wedding!

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Featured in Japanese Magazine BRUTUS

We’re featured in Japanese magazine, BRUTUS!

We’re so grateful to Hatsuki Matsui for giving us this opportunity to talk about our Welcome Group Program with Japanese readers.

What a great way to share our work in building social connections between volunteers and refugee newcomers in Canada!

To view the article, click here.

Nature Walk at the Evergreen Brick Works

So grateful to April for leading us on a walk through the Indigenous Agriculture Garden at the Evergreen Brick Works on Saturday!

As an outdoor educator, she gave us an in-depth nature walk experience that involved her perspectives as a lead of the gardening program and as a member of Wendat nation.

We learned about plants that are native to the area, including jewelweed that shimmers in water, goldenrod which can be made into a tea to combat ragweed allergies, and tobacco that has been planted from 1,000-year-old seeds!

Thank you to TD FEF for making this event possible.

We look forward to our next “Newcomer Urban Nature Access Pass” events in September and October!

To reserve your spot for our September Nature Walk at Colonel Samuel Smith Park on Saturday, September 16th, click here!

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Meet Nasima: Afghan Community Leader Becomes Our First Match Coordinator

As Together Project’s first Match Coordinator, Nasima Omari Sayar brings a wealth of experience as an Afghan community leader, a newcomer to Canada, and a Welcome Group volunteer. Meet our newest team member, Nasima!

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Where Are Together Project Newcomers From?

On Canadian Multiculturalism Day, we’re sharing a snapshot of the current matches in our Welcome Group Program!

Along with refugee newcomers from Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Nigeria, Eritrea, Iran, we’re also currently serving households from Burundi, Central African Republic, Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Iraq, Mali, Mexico, Sudan, Tanzania, Ukraine, Vietnam, and Yemen.

Happy Canadian Multiculturalism Day!