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Newcomers and volunteers working together to build more welcoming communities.

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Interview with Steering Committee Member and Co-Founder – Patrick Marshall #TogetherHello

“Together Project’s role in keeping Canada inclusive is creating a structured opportunity and tools for newcomers and volunteers to connect,” said Patrick Marshall, Together Project Steering Committee Member and Co-Founder.

“People volunteer for different reasons: to connect with others, to feel a sense of purpose, to get outside of themselves, to find gratitude, to develop new skills, to learn.

It’s easy to think of refugees as the sole or even principal beneficiaries of the matches Together Project facilitates.

But we see these social connections as equally beneficial to volunteers as to newcomers. It’s a two-way street.”

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Remote Social Support Webinar

Together Project’s Co-Director’s wish to thank the the Colloquium on Refugees, Migrants & Statelessness and the Center for International & Area Studies, Weinberg College, Northwestern for inviting us to share our work with our co-hosts as part of a free webinar on April 22nd.

You can find a recorded version of the webinar, “Volunteer Engagement With Refugees: Remote Social Support Today” here.


New Language Practice Guide for Welcome Group Volunteers Providing Remote Language Support – #TogetherHello

We’ve created a Language Practice Guide to help volunteers navigate online language practice sessions with newcomers!

It’s based on best practices and experiences of Welcome Groups, tips from professional language tutors, and other language instructors we’ve interviewed across the GTA.

A special thank you to the McConnell Foundation / Innoweave for their generous support in developing this resource.

Click here for the Language Practice Guide!

Interview with Steering Committee Chair and Co-Founder – Kate Bate #TogetherHello

“Newcomers may be feeling particularly isolated due to COVID-19, especially if they are very new to Canada,” said Steering Committee Chair and Co-Founder Kate Bate.

“They can’t explore their neighbourhoods or meet their neighbours. But they can meet remotely with volunteers who care about their well-being, about inclusion, diversity, and the future.

There is so much heart for the work and now we have found a new way to allow bridges to be built, strengthening an overall sense of compassion and understanding. We are stronger together.”

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Toronto Star Article on How Volunteers Are Providing Remote Social Support – #TogetherHello

Nicholas Keung of the Toronto Star interviews Together Project’s co-directors and match participants on why it is so important for volunteers to offer remote social support in response to COVID-19.

“Maintaining social contact is a major challenge for all, but newcomers, particularly refugees, are among the most vulnerable. We want to ensure they have access to accurate information and social connection.”

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Interview with Steering Committee Volunteer – Shadi Shami #togetherhello

“As a former newcomer to Canada, originally from Syria, I still feel all of the challenges newcomers go through,” said Steering Committee Member Shadi Shami. “My family and I suffered a lot, especially when we first arrived.”

“I believe in Together Project’s work and that’s why I got more involved.

Through the Welcome Group program, volunteers have an inside look at the newcomer experience.  They get to know another culture’s perspective and way of thinking and this helps expand the volunteers’ world view. The newcomers have a chance to learn about Canada not from a book but from real Canadians who build their understanding of this country one experience at a time.”

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