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Newcomers and volunteers working together to build more welcoming communities.

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Meet Volunteer Padina Abdullahi: “Let’s be united and make Canada a better place together”

When Padina Abdullahi reflected on her own journey from newcomer teen to real estate agent, she was inspired to reach out to the Welcome Group Program.

Knowing that she had a wealth of information to share with newcomer families trying to settle in a new country, she said, “Let’s be united and make Canada a better place together.”

Read our interview with Padina here!


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Meet Volunteer Karen Yarosky!

Having lived on and off in Tanzania for many years, when Karen saw East African refugees on Toronto streets, she felt the need to help. But after bringing them donations, she decided to turn to “a place that was doing something on a larger scale”: the Welcome Group Program.

Check out our interview with Karen here:

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Meet Sudanese Newcomer Youth, Khansaa!

Meet Khansaa, a 23-year-old Sudanese newcomer in Mississauga!

From an early age, Khansaa has had a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. From getting her family from Egypt to Canada to helping connect them with services in Toronto and Mississauga, Khansaa says that these experiences have made her feel stronger and more mature for her age.

With the help of her Welcome Group, she was happy to have volunteers to turn to whenever she needed them. And this assistance has made her family appreciate how much knowledge they were able to access, enabling them to pay it forward and help other newcomers.

“My family was really lucky to be in this program,” she said. “We are much more empowered.”

Find out more about Khansaa’s story here.

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Together Project at Volunteer Ready with TD GenNext

Together Project met new Welcome Group volunteers at Volunteer Ready– an event organized by the TD GenNext Cabinet.

Check out our video to see TD Canada employee and Together Project Steering Committee member, Farah Kurji, talk about what drives her to support newcomers.

Learn more about volunteering with Together Project here:

Meet Volunteer & Second-Generation Afghan-Canadian Wali Aziz

At Together Project, some of our volunteers are the children of immigrants who join our Welcome Group Program as a way to give back to their community.

To find out more about second-generation immigrant volunteers, we spoke to Wali Aziz, a Canadian-born Afghan.

To read Wali’s advice about volunteering with Afghan newcomer families, click here!

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Meet Afghan Newcomer & Volunteer Zabi Yousofi!

Did you know that our Welcome Group volunteers are often newcomers themselves?

To learn about what drives newcomers to help other newcomers, we did a Q&A with Zabi Yousofi, a recently-arrived volunteer originally from Afghanistan!

Check out his interview here!

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